Care for your jewellery

Silver can tarnish black/brown, this is not preventable. There are lots of cleaning solutions available for cleaning jewellery, it is really important to be careful with those. Usually those cleaning solutions contain abrasive components, which can damage your piece of jewellery. Most gemstones and pearls cannot withstand the cleaning solutions. 

It is better to use a special polishing cloth, especially made for cleaning silver and gold, to polish your jewellery. This polishing cloth is available in the web shop. It is important to polish with patience and a soft, calm manner, so to not damage your piece of jewellery by accident. 

If by any change your piece of jewellery has become dirty, you can try to clean it very carefully with some hand soap and a really soft baby toothbrush with lukewarm water. Pay attentions with gemstones. Some pore porous gems, often the non-transparent stones (such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, obsidian), absorb the soap and water. These stones can be cleaned preferably by gently rubbing with the polishing cloth.  

If you like to wear perfume, body lotion or cream, wait for half an hour before putting on your jewellery, after applying these products. It is also better for the jewellery to take them off when showering, sleeping, bathing, swimming, sunbathing and washing cleaning).

Is you do not wear the jewellery, it is wise to store it in the original box, which will damage it less quickly. When jewellery is lying loosely in a drawer or tray, they can damage each other, especially when gemstones are used.
The oxidation (blackening) of jewellery goes faster in a damp room like the bathroom, so it is better not to store them there. 

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